#StyleTheBump: Sunday Strolling

Ok look — I have some grievances I need to air. Every time I look for maternity inspiration on Pinterest I am bombarded with plenty of pretty pics, but none are very practical for daily life. If you can wear 5-inch Louboutins while you’re 6-months pregnant than more power to you. But more than likely, those style bloggers wobbled outside, snapped the pic, and then threw those heels off faster than you can say “leg cramp” and put on a pair of Crocs.

I need inspiring, stylish maternity looks that I can actually wear. All day. I live in Paris. I don’t own a car. I take the city bus and the metro to get where I’m going. I’m not looking for Kim Kardashian car to curb-wear. I’m talking about real life with a toddler.

IMG_1853So for this lovely little Sunday stroll through the park near our house, I pulled out a tried and true look.

Bonus points: none of this is actually “maternity wear”. Since the dress is a drop waist, it easily accommodates my growing bump without any weird bunching. I also love these thigh-high flat boots from Zara (a sale find!). They really help lengthen my legs and keep the look from being too skimpy. And obviously, the low block heel means I can trek through the park, chase after a toddler, and not break an ankle trying to look stylish.

IMG_1852IMG_1856Dress, purse & boots: Zara
Jean jacket: H&M
Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs 

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